Australian community join hands to build alliances, homeless services are funded

According to the Australian Network, the Victorian government of Australia and the federal government reached a final agreement to inject 2 billion yuan (Australian dollar, the same below) funds for housing and homeless services in the next five years to further consolidate the Australian economy and ensure the security and solidarity of the Australians. Consistent. At the same time, Australian academics, business and non-profit organizations have recently announced a partnership aimed at using new sources of funding to address homelessness.

Government boosts homeless service

According to comprehensive reports, about 8,600 people in Victoria seek funding from the government every year, hoping to get homeless services. More than 1,000 people are homeless every night, sleeping on the streets, parks, parking lots and stadiums, and even living in bushes or by the sea.

The Victorian government this week reached a definitive agreement with the federal government on the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement (NHHA) to fund 2 billion yuan for social housing and homeless services. Services are available to poor families and individuals. Under the new agreement, subsidies for homeless people will increase by 250 million yuan five years ago. The level of funding for the homeless is unchanged, and the homeless services provided to them will continue and be documented to provide accurate information to frontline service providers.

In addition, the NHHA will replace the National Affordable Housing Agreement and the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness.

In response, Federal Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg said funding for housing and homeless services is part of the government’s plan to further strengthen the Australian economy and ensure Australian security and solidarity. The move will provide shelter and transitional housing and long-term social housing for the homeless, and help maintain the construction and acquisition of social housing to prevent people from being homeless. He will continue to work with states and territories to improve housing and homelessness.

Australia’s community to solve problems

At the same time, the Australian Red Cross, the Centre for Social Impact (CSI), the Australian Mission (Mission Australia) and the Australian PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC Australia) 24th Announce the formation of the alliance and open the Constellation Project. Kristy Muir, CSI’s chief executive, said that by attracting real estate developers, financiers and community housing organizations, new sources of funding were obtained to ease the housing burden. This method has never been seen before. She also acknowledges that many organizations and alliances are currently fighting the problem of homelessness, but their plans are not for the benefit, and the participation of academic and business organizations is a breakthrough.

In addition, the alliance has issued a report that examines in depth the main factors that contribute to homelessness, such as domestic violence, and the need for more affordable housing for Australians. In the next few months, the alliance will launch a series of “change system” activities to unite organizations to address key issues in the homeless sector.
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